About us

Know us about 7-Zip file archiver

We are offering you free software to download and install. At 7-Zip, it is our target to reach more people with amazing solutions. These days, most of the work is online and you have to share a lot of information.

It is not possible to send all this information in physical condition, hence 7-Zip is offering you a virtual zip software. Compress your files easily and share it with your clients. We believe in integrity and we have a strong legal system which keeps your data safe from any unwanted intruder.

7-Zip assures you full security as our experts are working hard 24*7 to protect your data.

We follow the GNU LGPL license for your information. At 7-Zip, we offer you an amazing file archiver system that runs on every form of Windows; from Vista to the latest Windows 10. It smoothly runs on Linux too. The compression ratio is amazing.

If you find it difficult to download the software or face any obstacles while installing it, contact us. Our experts relentlessly work to provide you with a pause-free experience. If compared to other zip file creators, 7-Zip offers a service at least 10 times better than other competitors out there.

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